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Productions I have Produced and Directed and or am in the middle of. AND: The People that I HIGHLY recommend and use for Graphics, Websites, Music Scores, Sound, Vocal Recording, Composing Songs, Writing Songs etc... Any and all Aspects of PRODUCTION...

Carly Alyssa Thorne Relationships Mind Movie

Carly Alyssa Thorne Talking about Paying it Forward - The Ripple Effect Documentary

Interviewing Darlene Mea on Life, Consciousness, Paying it Forward and More...

Interviewing Darlene Mea from GloVue TV on their vision.

Awesome PEOPLE KDG Technologies | Los Angeles Professional High Quality Websites | Design and Graphics Services

Bring Me Home Wicked Saints

Paying it Forward - The Ripple Effect - 1

Paying it Forward - The Ripple Effect 2

Just a mini-clip from my CellPhone Last night at LA Zoo Music Night 7/13/12 with Deepak Ramapriyan on Violin and Guitar , Vito David Vito Gregoli on Guitar, Jim Tauber on Keys and Christo Pellani on Percussion... Primordial Sonics More Clips and Edited full set versions to come... — with Vito David Vito Gregoli and Christo Pellani at LA Zoo. "Vito"David Vito Gregoli

PLEASE HELP US CONTINUE THE MOVEMENT of "Paying it Forward" and Continuing "The Ripple Effect." WE appreciate all of Your Support and Thank You for being a part of the World's Co-Creation as in the end it takes Collaboration, Sharing and TEAM work to Make the Dreams Work... Some of the Funds will also go to supporting some of the Amazing People and Organizations that LIVE the "Paying it Forward - The Ripple Effect" on a daily basis...

Paying it Forward - The Ripple Effect  #PayingItForwardTheRippleEffect  We are actively Producing and Creating the following PROJECT as we speak if you know any awesome organizations, people that fit one of these projects below and or want to get involved-help, Co-Create, Collaborate, market, Direct or Co-Produce etc...

A Peek into Our Vegas weekend this particular interview I was interviewing Richard M. Krawczyk and the Fun Sam Dever was filming us filming and interviewing Richard... and my amazing Team Ryan Garner and David Rohlfs is filming, editing our interviews all weekend long... . Carly Thorne interview with Richard Krawczyk - Las Vegas, Nevada ThisREALLYHappens... Richard M. Krawczyk Carly Alyssa Thorne

Ryan loving the kitty - @carlyathorne- Ryan our Amazing Editor and Camera God LOL... On location loving Kitties...