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Mmm me like Cookies

Cookie dough inside of a cupcake! I did this with chocolate mini cupcakes and they were to die for!!!!

Sugar Cookie Bars. Half the mess of normal sugar cookies and just as much deliciousness!

by Jen L. "I recently learned about a secret ingredient that will produce the most delicious, fluffy, soft chocolate chip cookies ever--CORNSTARCH!  Instead of baking powder, you use cornstarch in your dough. The dough itself ends up looking exactly like ice cream and the texture is out of this world.  If you're worried about food poisoning, don't even take one tiny taste because once you do, you will want to eat the entire bowl of dough. Soft, chewy, perfect like Keeblers."

exPress-o: Chocolate + S'mores = Cookie

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Hands down one of the best sugar cookie recipes I have ever had... next to mine:) But they are similar just a few tweaks...

fall...pumpkin cookies with cream cheese filling...yummm!

Lemon sugar cookies with lemon cream cheese frosting. Love lemon!

Award winning Lemon Cookie - Don't ever lose this recipe - they are amazing!