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More like this: bronze age, cave painting and rock art.

Plaque with two women [Greek], 1000 BC.-1AD

ancient Roman doll

Cucuteni culture, 4800 to 3000 BC from the Carpathian Mountains to the Dniester and Dnieper regions in modern-day Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine.

Chancay Textile Doll Adoption Number: 1960A46 Peruvian, 1000-1400

A Mesolithic amber amulet in the form of a bear. (National Museum of Denmark)

Male and female figures from Ubirr Rock, Arnhem Land, Australia

Persian cosmological map as part of astrolabe

Architectural Model. Fired Clay. Gumelniţa, Căscioarele, 4600-3900 BCE. National History Museum of Romania, Bucharest. The Cucuteni-Trypillian culture is found in present-day Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

Vase zoomorphe à trois goulots - Epoque d'Uruk récent Vers 3300 avant J.-C. | Site officiel du musée du Louvre

Statuette Zoomorphic, Ram, Israel, Late Chalcolithic, Limestone, [Chalcothic Period in the Near East: 3600-1200 B.C.]

Dragon & Elephants. Bibliothèque Nationale de France, lat. 6838B, Folio 4v

For thousands of years Aboriginal groups in central New South Wales marked important ceremonial sites by carving beautiful, ornate designs on the trunks of trees. The carvings, comprising symbolic motifs, intricate swirls, circles and zigzags, were intended to be long-lasting but, instead, only a handful of the trees on which they were carved are still alive today.

Plato con cola de mono en espiral (300 - 850) / Museo Nacional de Antropología, México

Saltcellar: Portuguese Figures, 15th–16th century

Photo: Wooden Mummy Case gilded head, Roman Period Article: Cat Mummies at Saqqara

Cat Figure Persia, 12th-13th century The Hermitage Museum

Ivory articulated figure, Iran, 1st Millennium B.C.E.

Hallstatt Culture sculpture 6th century BCE. Human figure on wheel, with lifted arms. Bronze support of a mobile bed, from the tomb of a prince at Hochdorf, Germany

Head of a Mummified Cat Egyptian Late Period to Ptolemaic, c. 664–30 BCE

Maze marble puzzles and dice from Mohenjo-Daro. 1 in 10 artifacts found at the site relate to leisure and play!