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The stone is estimated to have been created somewhere between 10 to 12 thousand years ago. It is basically a globe of our planet. All of the main continents are depicted on the stone and for the most part they are shown in their correct locations and their correct relative sizes. How could anyone possibly know the geographic locations and sizes of all the worlds land masses that long ago?

This ancient Chinese map of planet Earth's northern sky is part of the Dunhuang Star Atlas, one of the most impressive documents in the history of astronomy. The oldest complete star atlas known, it dates to the years 649 to 684. In this example showing the north polar region, a very recognizable Big Dipper, part of the modern constellation Ursa Major, lies along the bottom of the chart.

APOD: 2009 June 19 - Dunhuang Star Atlas

Before the Sahara became a desert, it was home to many savanna animals, including the giraffe. People began to paint and etch the Sahara's animals in desert rock about 12,000 years ago. Archaeologists estimate that the oldest remaining pictures date back to 6500 B.C.

Life in the Sarah

Rock carvings in Madain saleh area - Saudi Arabia by Eric Lafforgue, via Flickr

Scythian Bronze Helmet. Origin: Russia. Circa: 600 BC to 400 BC.

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tammuz: Detail of a relief from the Northwest Palace of Ashurnasirpal II at the Assyrian Imperial capital of Nimrud (883-859 BCE). Hood Mus...

The oldest known bottle of (liquid) wine. It has been dated to 300 CE, and was found in a Roman sarcophagus

Epigraphs of ancient Turkic people discovered in Mongolia. The Old Turkic script (also known as variously Göktürk script, Orkhon script, Orkhon-Yenisey script) is the alphabet used by the Göktürk and other early Turkic Khanates during the 8th to 10th centuries to record the Old Turkic language. The script is named after the Orkhon Valley in Mongolia, where early 8th-century inscriptions were discovered in an 1889 expedition.

cartografía de edad media

Cartografía. Historia de los mapas antiguos