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Ultimate Camping Checklist. There are some things here I would not bring, but it's still a really comprehensive checklist and you can strike out what you're not planning on packing!

50 Summer Camping Essentials

DIY clothes washing kit that would be a no-power solution for extended camping or off-grid living.

Emergency or Camping Clothes Washing Kit - Did Ya See?

How to camp: 89 camping tips to elevate any campsite

89 Camping Tips to Camp like a Champ

Portable Hammock. Now this is what I want instead of a chair at the beach!

Compact Kitchens for Tiny Houses- Eleanor, I'm re-pinning a couple of tiny spaces because I thought of you.

Campfire Breakfast Recipes

Homemade Fruit Leather

ZIP LOCK OMELET- Throw all your ingredients in a bag, zip it up and boil them. Each person can put different ingredients in and they cook at the same time! They cook for 6-8 mins and then slide right out of the bag.

Camping Scavenger Hunt For The Kids

The Creative Homemaker: Camping Scavenger Hunt For The Kids

Meet WAT, a lamp powered by water.A few drops of water kick starts the process where it combines with a hydroelectric battery to generate an electro chemical reaction to create power.

Outdoor twister - and this way the mat can't slide around. Great idea for kids' parties!!!

Have everyone who is playing get in a big circle, one player gets the tape ball and the player in front of them a pair of dice. The player with the ball removes tape as fast as they can and anything they dislodge is theirs to keep. The player with the dice is trying to roll doubles as quickly as they can so they get a turn. As soon as they get doubles they pass the dice to the person next to them and then they get the tape ball. SO FUN!