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Richard Gere

Menswear Dog - reminds me of my collie/shiba/basjeni mix

Guilty Pleasure: Menswear Dog

Vanni di Filippo by Ari Seth Cohen - Carefully selected by GORGONIA

ADVANCED STYLE: Wanny Di Filippo in Florence

Fashion says "me too" style says "only me." - Lynn Dell

COACH Official Site | New York Modern Luxury Brand Est. 1941

Another grey-haired beauty in a striped sweater wears silver space-suit trousers and gloves

Ageing punks with grey mohawks rule at Jean Paul Gaultier at PFW

An Alpha man welcomes the coming of age. It frees him. It allows him to assume the upper hand and teaches him when to step aside and allow the students he mentored, to become leaders. This is how his legacy is made.

Father & son

Who says punk is for kids? A handsome elderly model sports grown out beard and sculpted Spartan mohawk hairstyle

Ageing punks with grey mohawks rule at Jean Paul Gaultier at PFW

Daphne Selfe at 86 (el pais s-moda). This is what someone in their 80s looks like.

Rocking the gray ponytail!

Hair Confession #9: The Age-Inappropriate Ponytail

Vanessa Redgrave and Meryl Streep attend a New York Gala 2010.

Smilla, 77 year old German blogger. Her glasses by the way are Lagerfeld, and 20 years old.

'I am not an old lady, just a little girl with wrinkles'. -Edythe E. Bregnard