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The Lanzhou Stone - During the discussion, the scientists proposed many hypotheses about the formation of this stone, but found all incredible.....One of the hypotheses says that this stone could be a relic from a prehistoric civilization, since a civilization equivalent to ours is thought to have existed on earth before our current one. Another theory is that it could be a stony meteorite and it could have brought the information of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Petrified palm root cabochon from Sumatra

Section of fossilized tree limb that is now completely replaced by black opal.

Deep red crystals of Realgar with Orpiment perched atop a crystal of Sphalerite - whoa!

Green Apopphyllite with Pink Stilbite

Gold on Quartz Eagles Nest Mine, Placer County, California, USA

Kongsberg, Norway is famous for its Native Silver, and this specimen is the perfect example of why - a solid weighty specimen of thick ropy Native Silver with fantastic natural patina, and very attractive form - we think it looks like a dragon. And with a size of nearly 11cm height, this specimen will not go unnoticed!