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I wish I was at a beach right now

"Starry Day" Eddy Wong

Ocean Art Photo Contest Winners 2010|Underwater Photography Guide

star fish shells

Starfish and shells

Star Fish by Chris Seufert, via Flickr


Se stars are known for their ability to regenerate their limbs and some can even regenerate their whole bodies. They manage this by keeping their internal organs in their arms which means many can regenerate a whole new body from just one severed arm, although many species do need the central body to be able to regenerate their limbs.

Seagull with sea star fish on the Oregon Coast, digital photo print 8x10 Susan Olson Photography

Air plant terrarium with sea urchin shell and star fish

Plantzilla Gardens in Glass and Air by Plantzilla on Zibbet

18 Mind blowing STARFISH PHOTOS and FACTS Sea star or Star fish (asteroidea), is not actually a fish. The most popular type is the starfish with 40 to 50 “spokes”. They have no brain, or blood. We can find more than 2,000 types of sea stars worldwide.

18 Mind blowing STARFISH PHOTOS and FACTS - Fabulous Traveling


The Life Cycle of a Starfish | eHow

beautiful star fish

Idea #875092 to live more artfully: experience miracles of nature! Last night I actually watched a sunset which so rarely I do. Today, getti...

One day I want an aquarium like this. It calms me.

Jelly fish it looks like its wearing a dancing skirt