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Animal abuse may constitute criminal abuse and suffering of an animal but it may also include a euthanasia order that is in dispute! Please read what each petition on this board is charging and sign! THIS BOARD IS ALSO A CALL TO ARMS FOR RALLIES AND EVENTS THAT SAVE ANIMALS!

Help ARTURO - He MUST have an independent medical evaluation NOW please SIGN!

Help ARTURO - He MUST have an... - The Petition Site

10 YEARS FOR DRAGGING DOG. this is what the B*d looks like. Hope he rots.“ About the best defense you can put up about what you did on that day was that you were driving drunk,” Judge Letitia Verdin said. “It’s just horrible.”

Man Gets 10 Years for Dragging Dog

15 YEARS FOR ABUSE! GOOD GOING! Sacramento Superior Court Judge Steve White sentenced Robert Lee Brian to the maximum sentence of 15 years and 6 months for the torture of his dog Bubba.

Dog Torturer Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

SIGN SO THAT FACEBOOK REMOVES PAGES THAT PROMOTE CRUELTY TO ANIMALS! sign and repin! share! Revise Community Standards - Remove Pages That Promote Animal Cruelty And Crimes Against Animals And Report To Proper Authorities

City Removes Geese from Park - Birds Euthanized MOBILE, ALA KILLED 300 GEESE charming

City Removes Geese from Park - Birds Euthanized

gentle family dog shot and killed in his own fenced backyard. Police were doing a search for a child--who later was found asleep in his own house. THIS MUST STOP! pls sign 25k signatures and counting!

I demand the police officer who killed the dog, Geist, be held accountable for using excessive force and request that all Salt Lake officers be retrained on how to deal with dog encounters.

NEWS STORY AND PETITION to demand firing of P.O. who shot and killed family dog, Geist in his own backyard.

Investigation underway into why officer shot dog in its own yard

Meet Kendall Jones, a happy huntress, with good looks, a large weapon and her very own dead lion she seems to be the next Melissa Bachman.

Happy huntress the next Melissa Bachman? - Africa Geographic Blog

Melissa Bachman has sparked international outrage after posting a picture on social media, boasting publicly about killing a magnificent male lion in the Maroi Conservancy in South Africa.

Melissa Bachman's lion hunt - the latest - Africa Geographic Blog

Sign to boycott China for their gross animal cruelty Only by signing will their be an impact

Pledge to Boycott China for Animal Cruel - The Petition Site

UPDATE: Justice on the Way for Slain Dogs!!

UPDATE: Justice on the Way for Slain Dogs

UPDATE ON CRUSH VIDEO CASE. wonder what this 'judge' thought about the ten year sentence? he thought it was a freedom of speech issue in the first place. glad the second judge had some grey cells


UPDATE! 10 YEARS - MAXIMUM SENTENCE AND THESE TWO POS GOT IT FOR ANIMAL CRUSH VIDEOS! “We will fight at the next legislative session to increase the punishment range for this offense to better protect these animals and all citizens of Harris County,” attorney Devon Anderson said.

UPDATE: Animal Crusher Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

A few days ago in Forth Worth, TX, Maxwell approached a Postal Worker. A neighbor saw Maxwell walking across the street approaching the Postman, tail wagging, but thought nothing of it. A few seconds later he heard a crushing sound, and a final wimper from Maxwell. TELL UPS TO TERMINATE THIS KILLER

PLS SIGN PETITION FOR ACTION AGAINST LAUGHING POLICEMAN WHO SHOTGUNNED FAMILY DOG TO DEATH He then went to his car, pulled out his shotgun and shot Cali in her neck. After he shot her, he laughed and bragged about how "awesome" it looked when her collar flew off. She had done nothing to provoke the officer. She died immediately.

Ardmore Police Department: Justice for Cali

Fundraiser for Rose who's back was sliced open w a machete!! | Medical Expenses -

Fundraiser for Rose who's back was sliced open w a machete!!


Justice for Candy Middleton on GoFundMe - $27,018 raised by 342 people in 16 days.

Justice for Candy Middleton by Cole Wayne Middleton - GoFundMe

Cop indicted on animal cruelty charge. Said dog was attacking, autopsy proved she was shot in black of head! LIAR/KILLER JOIN CANDY'S PAGE!

Cattle Dog-Killing Cop Indicted on Animal Cruelty Charge