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Animal abuse may constitute criminal abuse and suffering of an animal but it may also include a euthanasia order that is in dispute! Please read what each petition on this board is charging and sign! THIS BOARD IS ALSO A CALL TO ARMS FOR RALLIES AND EVENTS THAT SAVE ANIMALS!

Justice for Charlotte! Another Rally to Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws! Thursday, October 23 at 7:30am in EDT 18 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY 10301 Please rally for this tiny 2lb puppy that was tortured, beaten and thrown from a car window! Her brain function is still unknown at this time. "IT'S only a puppy..." allegedly said to police. "Give me my misdemeanor and let me go..." Supporters are wanting upon conviction max. sentence 2 years.

Assemblyman Joe Borelli and Sen. Andrew Lanza are co-sponsors of bills that would create a statewide animal abuse registry and prevent abusers from adopting future animals.They are asking for people to sign a petition to bring the bills to a...

Petition seeks support to create statewide animal abuse registry

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The Bay Terrace woman who allegedly abused and abandoned her puppy, Charlotte, was indicted on three counts of animal cruelty charges Tuesday, according to court documents. Alsu Ivanchenko, 34, will be arraigned Oct. 15 in state...

Justice for Charlotte: Rally to Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws! PLEASE JOIN EVENT! PLEASE SHARE, TOO! Animal abusers must be punished severely!

please sign petition. Grace was burned and kicked repeatedly in the head by children. The parents are legally responsible. Pls sign so that they are held accountable. the pics are graphic at the petition site as the puppy was held over an open flame. thank you.

After the preliminary hearing it was decided this case will go to Grand Juryl l! This will be to assess the FELONY charge against Alsu Ivanachenko and hopefully, indict her. Hoping for the MAXIMUM sentence! PLEASE COME IF YOU CAN!! SHARE TOO IF YOU WILL!

Please join Charlotte's FB page, sign petitions so that her former owner who said, "she's only a dog," gets the max sentence. Puppy weigh 2 lbs and is 3mos old! She was beaten and tossed out of the car. ZERO TOLERANCE STARTS NOW!

  • Carole Gill

    Those 3 photos on the left show the horrific bruising caused by the beating. The photo on the right was taken at vet for Charlotte's first routine appointment. Charlotte is fighting so hard for her life now. Please, please support her! Sign and share!

SHARING FOR CHARLOTTE, the 2 lb, 11 wk old puppy who is fighting for her life. Her former owner, Ms. Ivanchenko was charged with several animal cruelty acts, including torture, not feeding the animal and abandonment, police said. According to the criminal complaint, Ms. Ivanchenko told police, "Just give me my misdemeanor so I can get out of here. It's just a dog." JOIN THIS PAGE FOR UPDATES, PETITIONS, ETC. PLS JOIN!

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- With approximately 75 animal activists packing the courtroom, the Bay Terrace woman accused of tying her seriously injured puppy in a plastic bag and leaving it for dead near the train tracks in her community made...

RALLY TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR TORTURED, BEATEN 2LB, 11 WK OLD PUPPY left to die and blind from her injuries! Show the judge she has support! NYC-- AND TRI STATE AREA Monday, September 22at 7:00am in EDT 67 Targee Street, Staten Island, NY 10304

Justice for Charlotte! Maximum Penalty for Alsu Ivanchenko For Trowing Dog To Garbage Claiming It Is Cheaper To Buy A New One!! |

SHE BOUGHT A NEW PUPPY AFTER TORTURING & LEAVING FOR DEAD HER OTHER. Bay Terrace resident, Aslu Ivanchenko, 34, was moved from the 120th precinct in St. George after she was arrested in connection with a badly injured puppy that is clinging to life. She was arraigned in criminal court in Stapleton....

tortured, starved and blind now. fighting for her life. see the monster at this link that is charged with these crimes. facebook page:

The Puppy Doe bench is dedicated in loving memory to the dog who was so cruelly deprived of happiness and life itself, and to the effort to combat animal abuse and abusers. ♥ rest in peace.

Puppy Doe Memorial Bench is Dedicated in Quincy, MA

Puppy branded with profane word and left tied to fence. Saved. Now named, Felicity she will be up for adoption. ♥ I hope karma comes into it.

Dog Branded With Profane Word Will Soon Get Plastic Surgery

UPDATE: MAX IS SAFE. LEXUS PROJ. HAVE HIM. Vet loved Max. when Max was neutered something happened and Max bit vet. now vet wants Max dead. PLEASE SIGN, FAMILY WANT TO ADOPT HIM! DON'T LET NM KILL HIM!!

UPDATE: BULLET FOUND IN MAX. LEXUS PROJECT HAVE HIM. FUNDS R NEEDED FOR MED'L EXP. NOW! PLS GIVE WHAT U CAN. COURT CASE IS 9/10 Vet loved Max. when Max was neutered something happened and Max bit vet. now vet wants Max dead. PLEASE SIGN, FAMILY WANT TO ADOPT HIM! DON'T LET NM KILL HIM!!