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Pinner said: Cells Rap- My students loved this and it drove their parents crazy, but they knew about the cell!

this+40+slide+power+point+explains+how+the+cell+reproduce,+the+process+of+mitosis,+cancer+and+one+formative+assessment.+and+ticket+out+the+door. +b...

37 Free Online National Geographic Books all organized in one place. Site will read the words to the kids also. Get those kids reading non-fiction!

I like how she has them do their title pages for each unit. :) She also has them glue the main learning objectives (or we could do essential questions) on the left hand side then their colorful title page on the right. So much info on this blog... must follow.

Science clip art set Download a FREE microscope in the preview!

Science Matters: Potential & Kinetic Energy: Jumping Frogs

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: Top 12 Science Experiments and Explorations of 2012 on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Science Sparks is a website that takes simple, household ingredients & makes science fun for kids (& adults). Pre-school science page, as well as some activities suitable for babies & toddlers.

5th grade science powerpoints

Fun Science Experiment: Pour whole milk and add red bull - let sit 5 minutes and the acid in the red bull will cause the protein in the milk to separate - liquid changing to solid! New Science Experiment to try!

This is a FREE idea for a science center using the scientific process skill - observation and wonderings for shells and other artifacts from the be...