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Use nesting cans or plasticware boxes to illustrate the concepts of House, Town, State, Country, Continent, Planet. Great for the book "Me on the Map" or "My Global Address."

Wish I would have thought of this!!! Designed for students with special needs. Each child has his or her own personal space, which can be outfitted with any sensory comforts that the child might need. Also, one or two of these in a library center would be a super-cool semi-private space for any kid. COOL!

I wrote sight words on the flat part of the bubblewrap and when they read the word correctly, they got to pop the bubble! It was sight word recognition and an occupational therapy/finger strengthening activity. You could do letter recognition, number recognition, math facts, etc.

Alternatives to "I Don't Know" in the it! I always say, "I'll come back to you" but, this is even better. Translate to Spanish.

Math tub idea: Get two ice trays from the dollar spot at Target, write 2-digit numbers on white labels for each hole, and kids toss a cube in each tray and add numbers together on recording sheet or whiteboard. They think it's so fun!!