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I will cause you to walk in the straight way... I will open to you the gates of righteousness.. For whoever finds Me, finds life        - Psalm 118:19; Proverbs. 8: 35-6

“The Baptistery of St. John boasts the famous bronze doors Michelangelo dubbed “The Gates of Paradise”“

LORENZO GHIBERTI. Gates of Paradise. baptistery of Florence Cathedral, Florence, Italy, 1425-1452. Gilded bronze relief, 17’ high. Early Renaissance. Ghiberti beat Brunelleschi in the contest for the design of these doors and supposedly caused him to quit and turn to architecture. Thankfully Ghiberti won, otherwise Brunelleschi might not have designed the amazing dome

I love iron gates... and doors... big doors... did I mention iron gates?

Another collage of doors

GOLDEN DOORS FROM CATHEDRAL OF THE NATIVITY OF THE VIRGIN, SUZDAL (detail), First third of 13th c. ***Fire-gilding or Wash-gilding is a process by which an amalgam of gold is applied to metallic surfaces, the mercury being subsequently volatilized, leaving a film of gold or an amalgam containing from 13 to 16%.