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Wearable tech

This board focuses mainly on self-tracking gadgets and sensors - especially those designed for health. While most are wearable, there are some that track from inside the body or that you put against your body. Some of these products are concepts or are not yet commercially available. Welcome to the world of 'Wear, Share, Compare' and Quantified Self.

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Optimeye S5 from Catapult. GNSS monitor for sports. 3 smart LEDs. Measure micro-movements, biomechanical fatigue (suboptimal pattern discrimination), inertial movement analysis.

ABOUT « Catapult

Instrumented ice skating blade. Blade fitted with strain gauges - measures horizontal loads, but working on measuring landing forces. Acuna et al original paper here - iopscience.iop.or...

Measuring on ice: Researchers create 'smart' ice skating blade

Misfit Flash. Fitness and sleep monitor. 3-axis accelerometer, waterproof, watch function. Measures steps, calories burned, distance and sleep quality and duration.

WUF, smart dog collar and app. Activity tracking, GPS, two way audio. "Track your dog. Train your dog. Talk with your dog. Teach your dog. ..."

Activity Tracker for dogs and cats, from Otto PetCare Systems. Attaches to collar; hypoallergenic; accelerometer and gyroscope; data compared for breed and age. Available Jan 2015.

Otto Petcare Systems | your pet's complete wellbeing solution

FitBark. Dog activity monitor. "How is she feeling? How many activity BarkPoints is she getting today?" Gives breed-specific guidelines so you can see how your dog compares to other dogs.

FitBark | Dog activity monitor.

Whistle. Dog Activity Monitor - "A window into your dog's day." Attaches to collar. "Set a goal, view highlights, track progress, share daily adventures, add photos."

Whistle Activity Monitor - Stay connected to your dog

EmotiDog - Smart Collar "reveals the emotional state of your canine companions" through emoticons displayed on a screen. Prototype version. From QuantifiedPet #dog

EmotiDog - A Quantified Pet Product

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker. Monitor pet location and exercise levels (accelerometer). "Set exercise goals, share with your pet’s vet." #dog From Snaptracs, Inc,

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker | Tagg the Pet Tracker

Omegawave. Measures cardiac, metabolic and central nervous system readiness. Monitors strength, speed, endurance, and coordination. "Open Windows of Trainability™."

Omegawave for Team sports

RunSole. Insole that tracks. Strike index, speed, pace, pronation vs. supination, ground contact info, cadence, and more.

SMART bandage - paint-on, transparent liquid bandage. Displays quantitative, oxygenation-sensitive colormap that can be imaged using a camera or smartphone. (more tissue oxygen = faster healing). SMART = Sensing, Monitoring And Release of Therapeutics. Link has good explanation. Optics journal paper is open access: www.opticsinfobas...

CardioMEMS™ permanent implant measures pulmonary artery (PA) pressure for monitoring of heart failure status and medication titration. Patients can send readings to their health care team for remote monitoring. FDA approved, size of a paperclip. From St. Jude Medical.

SensoTRACK - ear-worn vital signs monitoring device. Gyroscope, accelerometer (body position, step count, distance, speed/pace); optical biosensor (heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate); speaker.

Mbody, "Muscle sensing smart shorts." Monitors muscle load, balance and distribution. MShorts have textile sensors for #EMG of quads and hamstrings. MCell (attaches to shorts) has 3D accelerometer, Bluetooth. From Myontec.

OxiPatch - continuous monitoring of vital signs, including heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV),blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, physical activity. From Oxirate.

Xmetrics - swimming tracker. Gives real time audio feedback (via earplug) on stroke number, lap time, efficiency, and more. Social network integration, data analysis, attaches to goggles. 9-axes sensors, Bluetooth.

The first swim coach that swims with you!

Project Underskin - Digital Tattoo Implanted Under Your Skin [Concept only] From NewDealDesign. It "would be implanted in your hand and interact with everything you touch. It can unlock your front door, trade data with a handshake, or even tell you if you have low blood sugar." Would run off of your body’s electro-chemical energy. "Because Underskin would recognize both location and the movements within your body, it could not just track, but contextualize the gestures that you make."

Polo Tech Shirt, by Ralph Lauren. "Biosensing silver fibers are woven directly into the core of the shirt." Tracks distance, calories burned, movement intensity, heart rate, stress rate. Moisture wicking compression fabric "increases blood circulation and muscle recovery." Available 2015 www.ralphlauren.c...

Ralph Lauren is making a tech-infused polo shirt

7 Ways Wearable Technology Will Force You to Change Your Marketing Strategy

adidas miCoach smart ball. Sensor detects speed, spin, strike and flight path data. App interprets and displays near real-time feedback.

adidas Micoach Smart Ball | adidas US

Smart-material chinstrap - made from piezoelectric fiber composites. Harvests energy from jaw movements, such as chewing gum. Research from Aidin Delnavaz, Jérémie Voix, iopscience.iop.or... #energyharvesting

Smart-material chinstrap harvests energy from chewing

Breezing. Breathe into device to track metabolism. Measures resting metabolic rate, gives RQ (Respiratory Quotient). Bluetooth, App. Create diet and exercise plan. Based on indirect calorimetry. #metabolism

Breezing Metabolism

Smart chopsticks, called Kuaisou, by Baidu. Analyzes food to detects contaminants, gives nutritional value. Not yet available. Video:

These Smart Chopsticks Analyze Your Food

Tattoo biobatteries.Sensor imprinted on temporary tattoo paper detects #lactate present in sweat on skin. Enzyme strips electrons from lactate, creating a weak electric current that might one day be used to power a device, such as a watch. #energyharvesting Wenzhao Jia, Joseph Wang, et al UCSD

Tattoo biobatteries produce power from sweat (video)