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Wearable tech

This board focuses mainly on self-tracking gadgets and sensors - especially those designed for health. While most are wearable, there are some that track from inside the body or that you put against your body. Some of these products are concepts or are not yet commercially available. Welcome to the world of 'Wear, Share, Compare' and Quantified Self.

adidas miCoach smart ball. Sensor detects speed, spin, strike and flight path data. App interprets and displays near real-time feedback.

adidas Micoach Smart Ball | adidas US

Smart-material chinstrap - made from piezoelectric fiber composites. Harvests energy from jaw movements, such as chewing gum. Research from Aidin Delnavaz, Jérémie Voix, iopscience.iop.or... #energyharvesting

Smart-material chinstrap harvests energy from chewing

Breezing. Breathe into device to track metabolism. Measures resting metabolic rate, gives RQ (Respiratory Quotient). Bluetooth, App. Create diet and exercise plan. Based on indirect calorimetry. #metabolism

Breezing Metabolism

Tattoo biobatteries.Sensor imprinted on temporary tattoo paper detects #lactate present in sweat on skin. Enzyme strips electrons from lactate, creating a weak electric current that might one day be used to power a device, such as a watch. #energyharvesting Wenzhao Jia, Joseph Wang, et al UCSD

Tattoo biobatteries produce power from sweat (video)

LEO Legband with sensors. "Monitors your bio-signals to give you a deeper level of insight." Heart rate, 3D accelerometer for motion, bioimpedence for hydration, EMG for muscle activity. Plus - muscle fatigue, intensity and coordination, lactic acid, balance, intelligent feedback, adaptive learning, sharing, analytics. From GestureLogic, Inc.

Leaf patient sensor. FDA cleared device with 3D accelerometer to monitor patient position (left, back, right) to alert staff as to when they should be turned to prevent hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (HAPUs). Attaches to patient's chest. Wireless, disposable.

Wireless Patient Monitoring ... Leaf Healthcare

Lechal interactive #haptic footwear (insoles, shoes). Navigation (set destination, get vibration feedback) fitness (count steps, estimate calories, set pace), smart-assist, and more.

Mi Band from Xiaomi. Fitness monitor (daily steps, distance) and sleep tracker. Water resistant, LED lights, Bluetooth, accelerometer, smart alarm, 30 day stand-by power, unlocks Xiaomi phone without password. And it's $19.99.

Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness monitor Sleep tracker

Prototype model for measuring electrolytes (such as potassium). Uses hollow microneedles (painless) to pull fluid sample from beneath skin to sample with carbon electrodes. Could also measure sodium or calcium. Goal is to make device wearable, measure with real time readout. R. Polsky et al, Sandia Labs. See also

Spire. Tracker for "activity, breath, and state of mind." Tracks steps, sitting, standing, lying down. Works by "Suite of sensors, proprietary algorithms."

Leatherdos - hair clip with screwdrivers, ruler, 8 mm wrench, and cutter. Not specifically a tracking device, but great example of re-purposing a common wearable.

Leatherdos - Mini tools clip | What is New | Animi Causa Boutique

Withings Activité. Analog activity tracking watch with calf leather strap (plastic for swimming). Accelerometer for steps, distance, calories. Sleep monitoring. Responsive glass responds to tapping. Vibration feedback. App to set alarm, goals. Swiss made, water resistant, battery powered (doesn't need to be recharged). Available Fall 2014 for $390.

Discover Withings Activité

The 'bionic pancreas' as worn by Anna Floreen, a participant who blogged about her experience participating in the clinical study at the connecting link. The paper, published in New England J of Med is at #diabetes #T1D

Glu : Day 1: Bionic Pancreas Study

x.pose "Wearable data-driven sculpture that exposes a person's skin as a real-time reflection of the data that the wearer is producing. As more data is produced and collected, the more exposed and naked the wearer becomes." An intriguing look at the boundaries between publicity and privacy. Xuedi Chen, ITP NYU Thesis 2014,

x.pose - xuedi.chen

Simband Open Reference Sensor Module, from Samsung. A "concept of what a smart health device should be." Open data and sensor platforms. Designed to gather vital diagnostic information, such as heart rate.

Innovation Areas | Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center

How to make your own electricity generating footwear - This is a project for the 2014 Google Science Fair by 15-yr-old Angelo Casimiro from the Philippines. #energyharvesting DIY in 15 steps with piezoelectric materials!

Electricity Generating Footwear - Generate Electricity By Walking

Wearable electronic, stretchable skin patch composed of data storage modules, diagnostic tools and therapeutic actuating elements. Can dispense drugs in controlled manner. Monitors muscle activity (such as tremor), body temp. In development. From Son et al, South Korea, in Nature Nanotech.

Imagine if wearable tech was more wearable, like press-on nails and fingernail polish. A look into the future at what wearable tech might become, what tech can learn from the press-on nails market, what sensor technology currently exists, and what trackers we might have in the future. #fingernails

What if Wearable Tech was like Press-on Nails?

SolePower. Insole fits in shoe. When heel hits the ground a small generator spins to create electricity. This is stored in a detachable Power Pack that has a USB port for charging devices, such as a phone. #energyharvesting

How It Works | SolePower

Razer Nabu. "the wearable smartband that understands you by being with you." ..."Jade is proud of being in a competitive gaming team, on top of being a marathon runner. Naturally, she relishes every victory, whether on- or offline. Nabu tracks all kinds of quantified data and even scores her flash deals at nearby stores on her usual run route." (Read the site for more vignettes)

Razer Nabu Smartband - The First Truly Social Wearable

HRM Earphone. Heart rate monitoring earphones from LG. "Track your metabolic rate and maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max) rate—and listen to your favorite music at the same time." Also estimates distance, steps, calories (3-D accelerometer) "Coming soon"

LG Activity Trackers: Android & iPhone Fitness Trackers | LG USA

Biodegradable Batteries. Made from biodegradable metal foils and polymers. Could eventually be used inside the body to monitor vital signs or dispense therapies. John Rodgers lab, in Advanced Materials.

Biodegradable battery could melt inside the body

Dialog. "Concept designed to help people with #epilepsy gain a deeper understanding of their condition and make better decisions about their care." Wearable module collects range of meaningful data; app provides insights into factors that trigger events or lower thresholds; platform connects to family and caregivers or educates bystanders in cases of emergency. From Artefact

Dialog: Better Decisions, Better Health - Artefact