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UNESCO world heritage :: albergo della civita, matera, italy

Balcony House Cliff Dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado | Darius Pakbaz, via 500px

Cliff Dwellings

Bandelier Cliff Dwellings

Cliff dwellings

Puye cliff dwellings Bandelier National Monument

Elkep Evi Cave Hotel, Turkey

Guyaju Cave Dwellings in China - the biggest cave dwelling yet discovered in China, and has a total of 147 chambers of various size. On the upper stories there is a palace like space that has very large areas and many store rooms. The cliff is granite and its not known when this was constructed or by whom, there are no references to it in any writings of the past. It has water channels, hearths for cooking and even smoke channels to keep the air clean. It sits above a river in a small valley.

Armenia - The monks' cave dwellings near Geghardt Monastery. Nov. 2011

Anchor church cave, Ingleby, Leicestershire is a hermit's dwellings carved out of solid rock. It lies next to the river Trent in a quite isolated location.The date of the cave is disputed but the first mention of it in local records comes in 1648.

Cave Monastery (Rozgirche/ Ukraine). Inspiration for the mountain dwellings of the Forgotten Ones.

cave dwelling

Natural rock formation of minature cave dwellings

Local Cave House Hotel, Goreme, Turquie

Kinver Edge, Staffordshire, where the last of the troglodytes dwelt in England. There is a complete set of cave-houses excavated into the local sandstone, some restored to a habitable state. It has been plausibly suggested that these cave-houses and their small gardens were the inspiration for Hobbiton in the writings of J.R.R.Tolkien, who grew up in nearby Birmingham and Staffordshire. It’s owned by the National Trust

Cave house in Andalusia