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Deer resistant gardens

So many of my neighbors have given up in frustration because the deer ate their gardens year after year. Once you know what your local deer don't like you can plan. I've had excellent luck with grasses, lavender, coneflower, butterfly bush, marigolds, Russian sage, mints, milkweeds, and ferns....

Walters Gardens, Inc. Papaver Summer Breeze, deer & rabbit resistant, attracts hummingbirds, long bloom time, zones 3-8

5 Ways to Use Marigolds in Your Home and Garden - Marigolds can be quite helpful around the home and garden and serve some important purposes.

5 Ways to Use Marigolds in Your Home and Garden

Deer Resistant Flower Mix - Four-O'Clock Larkspur, Rocket Lupine, Perennial Poppy, California Gaura Poppy, Corn Lavender, True Mint, Lemon Alyssum, Tall White Sweet Marigold, French 'Sparky Mix' Hyssop, Lavender Foxglove Bergamot Poppy, Oriental Yarrow, Gold

Flower Mixes - Flower Mix-Deer Resistant
  • Barbara Preston

    Our deer in New Jersey love to eat cone flowers. I would take these off the deer resistant list.

  • Carolyn D Ⓥ

    Ultimately, deer will eat just about eat anything....Nothing is 100 % deer proof. I have had good luck with them, deer on my property leave them alone.

What is this plant? It is highly invasive and grows with rhizome roots. I like it but it takes over big time.