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British History

Anything relating to British history except for the Wars of Roses, the Tudors and 17th Century Stuff. (They're on different boards.)

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Queen Anne's husband, George, Prince of Denmark by Michael Dahl.jpg

Prince George of Denmark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Harold II killed at the Battle of Hastings on 14 October 1066 - Bayeax Tapestry.

Battle of Hastings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pro-Union 'No' supporters gather for a rally in Edinburgh.

A group of pranksters from both sides of the border staged the construction of a 'Scottish Border Agency' passport control centre at Carter Bar on the Scottish border near Jedburgh.

Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle, painted in 1665 by Peter Lely to celebrate the granting of the Dukedom by King Charles II

1415 fighting archer, Battle of Agincourt Having worked on projects with the Wellcome Trust and the Natural History Museum, photographer Thom Atkinson has turned his focus to what he describes as ‘the mythology surrounding Britain’s relationship with war’.

Inventories of war: soldiers' kit from 1066 to 2014 - Telegraph

1244 mounted knight, Siege of Jerusalem Re-enactment groups, collectors, historians and serving soldiers helped photographer Thom Atkinson assemble the components for each shot. ‘It was hard to track down knowledgeable people with the correct equipment,’ he says. ‘The pictures are really the product of their knowledge and experience.’

Inventories of war: soldiers' kit from 1066 to 2014 - Telegraph

‘The Anglo-Saxon warrior at Hastings is perhaps not so very different from the British “Tommy” in the trenches,’ photographer Thom Atkinson says. At the Battle of Hastings, soldiers' choice of weaponary was extensive.

Inventories of war: soldiers' kit from 1066 to 2014 - Telegraph

The 1669 Bible which was found among a stack of random books in Wahroonga.

Bob Cartoon - Telegraph (8 June 2014) The Great Escape

Cartoon - Telegraph

The Queen arrives in the Australian State Coach, which was also built by Jim Frecklington.

Australian State Coach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alternative Histories: Cnut the Great | History Today

Alternative Histories: Cnut the Great | History Today

Alternative Histories: Westminster, 1476 | History Today

Alternative Histories: Westminster, 1476 | History Today

King John signs the Magna Carta at Runnymede in June 1215.

Your Majesty, please grant us a new Magna Carta - Telegraph

Entrance: The gates to Horton Priory, controlled by the Cluniac order of monks before the dissolution of the monasteries

Austere: This hallway gives an indication of the sparse conditions once endured by the monks at Horton

Panelling: The living room contains wood panels in the Tudor style of its former royal owners

Parking: Perhaps the ultimate sign of modernity is shown in the fact that the house has parking for multiple cars

Thirsty: Horton Priory has an air-conditioned wine cellar which has space for hundreds of bottles

Dining room: The house contains an original 14th-century fireplace which would once have been a major focal point for residents

Take a dip: The installation of a swimming pool was part of the programme of improvements which turned the priory into a luxury house

Fore! The house includes a driving range for its wealthy new owner to practice his golf putting

Relaxation: A spare bedroom in the house, which has a total of 11 bedrooms and is Grade I-listed