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I like the coca cola santa clause best

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My mom and step dad gave me these salt and pepper shakers for a wedding gift. They were made with glass coca-cola bottles! They have a set made from glass Corona bottles, but my hubby and I aren't drinkers, so we got these cute Coca-Cola ones instead.

The Coca-Cola Company and McDonald’s Corporation are joining hands to bring a new limited edition colored “Coca-Cola” Contour glass series to millions of consumers throughout Asia Pacific. The campaign will cover nine markets – Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, The Philippines, Malaysia, Tahiti, Samoa, and Fiji.

Coca-Cola is turning its iconic red cans white in celebration of the polar bear and committing up to $3 million to WWF’s polar bear conservation efforts.

Coca-Cola in glass bottles, it doesn't taste any better than this served any other way.

Gosh, I guess I need a Coca-Cola crate...Organizing games. :)

Yummy Coca-Cola cake from Cracker Barrel :)

Coca-Cola Picnic Basket Tin Box