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Carrie Horan Schlegel

Carrie Horan Schlegel

I like things that are great. Good things are fantastic.

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge---uses only 5 ingredients, coconut oil, cocoa powder, peanut butter, honey and vanilla! Super easy!

Blunt Cards were made for me.

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please don't ever leave me, mint trend.

¡Obama! Tee

  • Vicki Reynolds

    I am not on this site for political reason but just to enjoy the day. Leave your views to other socical places. Things like this have divided America like I have never seen. We need to respect and care for one another.

  • Gina Austin

    That is the problem...people just want to relax and pretend that this country is not falling apart under Obama. You need to wake up and realize that if something does not change you won't be able to sit on Pinterest and relaxe!!!

  • Michelle Colbath

    Gina my family is doing better than ever. Please keep thiscrap off pinterest

  • Tameka Brice

    AMEN... Vickie Reynolds. I am on this site fun and pure enjoyment.

  • Sonya Randell

    Thanks Martha! Love it, I'm buying one :)

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