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Luna the Plott Hound and American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Luna the Plott Hound Mix

dog rules

Q-Sphere - London, United Kingdom - Social Club | Facebook

Love the pin, "I know nothing." Dogs are wonderful pets and you get so much fun from them.

Support breast cancer

"SMILE" by Dean Russo Art

Dean Russo Art — Smile PRINT

Homemade DOG SCRUB flea treatment shampoo

Oh My Gluestick: Homemade DOG SCRUB flea treatment shampoo

I've made blankets this way but I never thought to stuff them and make a dog bed! Would work as a floor pillow for kids

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog Puppy. this is just the cutest puppy!!!!!

my heart just melted a little

I cannot count how many shoes my dogs decided to use as chew toys when they were pups...I wouldn't have wanted it any other way , though. I can always buy a new pair of shoes, but I can NEVER replace any one of my 3 dogs...EVER!!