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Activities and Printables

Check out tons of great activities and free printables. Who doesn't love free ideas?!

Give math a little character by using cut-outs to create self-check flash cards!

Have a little pea-nutty fun! Great for a warm up or early finishers!

Nothing is more right than a FREE activity on a Friday! Use this activity to find what's wrong in each question.

Have extra bulletin board pieces lying around? Use them for a center activity! Like this Shape Matching Game made with left over border and cut-outs!

What's the saddest thing in the sky? Finish this Free Activity with your little ones to find out!

Why was the strawberry sad? Free activity for kids!

A fun, free printable activity for little ones! Find the Hidden Picture!

FREE language arts activity! Why did the cookie go to the doctor? Download the activity sheet and answer key by clicking on the image!

Need a SWEET idea for a math activity? Try our Scoop Sum Math Make N' Take! Just use our Ice Cream Cut-Outs or make your own! Just place numbers on the cones and scoops and separately evenly in to bags. Then have your students sum up the scoops to equal the amount on the cones!

You can make these math mats with our new Buggy for Bugs or any other assorted Cut-Outs. Click the image to see the directions!

Challenge their brain with these assorted, fresh and fun Brain Breaks: Brain Benders Curriculum Cut-Outs! Students will love the challenge and intrigue of these engaging brain benders! Brain Breaks Curriculum Cut-Outs are perfect for transition times, refocusing students, as activities to start or end the day, to incorporate short breaks or physical movement throughout the day. Each pack includes 36 brain breaks. Comes in: Brain benders, Focus, Energize and Calm.

Keep your child's brain warm on winter days with TONS of FREE ideas and activities to print and share!

We've got TONS of free ideas & activities to keep little hands busy while you get ready for the holidays!

Click the image for your own ghost to display, but first print out two, so others can play! Boo two more teachers, when no one’s around, and see them smile when your treat has been found!

Color, Cut, Paste Haunted House! | Click through for more free ideas and activities

Dracula Secret Code | Click through for more free ideas and activities

October Color by Numbers | Click through for more free ideas and activities!