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Wow! Walmart really does sell everything... #epicfail

Poodle of my Dreams Teri H. from Plainwell, Michigan sent The Ellen Degeneres Show a photo of Ellie, who fell asleep on Oakley, the family dog. We love photos of dogs of animals and babies getting cozy, but these two might be a little too cozy.

This Is A Baby Dressed As A Taco. i love tacos.

Another Parenting win...

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A life jacket at least...

I hope this is photoshopped...

going too far to create.. cute ?

OK.. this was funny...

Super.. they know the difference..

Thumbs up to a clever parent. Best #home #deal ever!

Survival Techniques No. 1

It's so very wrong, but I can't stop laughing.

Just One More Cheeseburger