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How do you know a tornado is coming? A lesson on the most violent storms on Earth.

How do tornadoes form? - James Spann

This site gives the directions to make this project illustrating to students how the earth orbits the sun and how the moon goes along with. This would be a really great project to use in a science lesson to help students understand what moves around what in our solar system. ~ Lauren Feuling

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Sun, Earth, Moon Model Craft

Dragon's Den Curriculum: A Little Government Fun and a freebie

Dragon's Den Curriculum: A Little Government Fun

Using the Web to Take Virtual Field Trips Around the World! Love the live webcams....

Using the Web to Take Virtual Field Trips

This unit covers Second Grade standards SS2CG2 & SS2CG4. Identifying the roles of the following elected officials: President, Governor, Mayor and identifying the capitals of the United States of America (Washington, D.C.) and the state of Georgia (Atlanta) by locating them on appropriate maps.

Government in Georgia: President, Governor, Mayor SS2CG2 SS2CG4

Watch water turn to ice before your eyes! So cool!

Fun with frozen: making ice grow

The Science Penguin: Time to Teach: Animal Adaptations

The Science Penguin: Time to Teach: Animal Adaptations

Why are Earth Worms Good For Gardens? -- Wonderopolis Wonder of the Day (non-fiction article and video) -- Plant Unit

Why Are Earthworms Good For Gardens? | Wonderopolis

Painted Daisies :: Simple Science Experiments for Kids (this is one of our favorites!!)

Painted Daisies :: Another Artful Science Experiment

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment~ Buggy and Buddy

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

Fizzing & Bubbling Science Experiments- there's a counseling lesson in there somewhere… I know it!

Fizzing & Bubbling Science Experiments - Teach Beside Me

Economics for Elementary: The Chocolate Shop- economic unit for any time of the year. Includes 25 different activities. (Grades 1-4)

Needs and Wants - so perfect! I love the pigeon, and so do my kids

Corkboard Connections - Mini Water Cycle Fun ... create a water cycle in a rotisserie chicken container and make a cloud in a jar

Inquiring Minds Want to Know ... Fostering Inquiry with Science Notebooks - Terrific blog post with complete, step-by-step, procedures for conducting a science inquiry lesson.