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Happy Moments

The Electric Company (1971-1977)

Ahhh Tony...


There is honestly now way you can go wrong with this man. He's got a British accent to boot!

Henry Cavil---Back off, he's mine!

Need to remember this!

Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard

This couldn't be more true!

Hubby's know you're jealous!

C-130 print...gotta get this for the man!

Alexander Skarsgard...seriously CAN'T get enough of this beautiful man!

Well, good morning, darling!

Reminds me of my childhood

Proud to know the crew that day!

Henry can come "Tudor" me anytime!

They are listening. 19 things we need to say to our chidren everyday. Beautiful.

My daddy use to sing this to me all the time. "For you, ohhhh."