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Beaded Clay Necklaces: Surprise someone with a boho-inspired mosaic necklace your child can proudly say she made herself.

Every winter I battle skin so dry it cracks and bleeds. A few years ago my grandmother gave me homemade lotion, which I love. It's about to run out, but now I have this recipe! This best part is, you can make it from dollar store materials and stuff you already have at home! I can not wait to try this one!

Mason jar candles!! Good, cheap christmas present. And really nice step by step directions!

Children can simply make their own personalised heat bag to keep or give as a gift. Step by step instructions make it easy and lots of fun.

raised salt painting: create design with glue, cover glue with table salt. Touch watercolor brush on salt, without smearing and watch color be absorbed by salt. Let dry. My kids learned how to do this in an art class they took in the cool!

I found a way to tweak the very popular ’tissue paper pom-poms’ to create a carnation look. Supplies: Cardboard or Foamboard (or Styrofoam) to make the letter template. Tissue paper (probably around 24 sheets depending on how big your letter is and how big your carnation pom poms are). Floral w

DIY Floor Mats. No sewing involved. A must do for front door rug and hallway runner!!!! Why haven't I thought of this???

Sew a Water Bottle Bear. Super simple and so cute.

Fall Feather Your Nest Owls

GREAT IDEA! Make your own coasters- 4x4 tiles ($.16 Home Depot); 4x4 scrapbook paper; adhere to tile with Mod Podge and let dry; Spray a coat of clear spray paint and let dry; attach felt pads to the bottom

Jars made from spaghetti sauce jars--spray paint lid and add knob. Cool!

Great idea for kids!!!! Buy a white plate ($1 store) and let the kids make a picture with sharpie pens, then bake @350 for 30 minutes.

salt dough, stamped. gift tags or ornaments! 1 cup salt 2 cups all purpose flour 1 cup luke warm water