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Adaptive Equipment

Gecko biomimicry holds anything on your dashboard.

plug these into an outlet and they'll pick up the signal from your ipod ... play music throughout the house

The SaeboFlex allows individuals suffering from neurological impairments such as stroke the ability to incorporate their hand functionally in therapy and at home by supporting the weakened wrist, hand, and fingers. The SaeboFlex is a custom fabricated orthosis that is non-electrically based and is purely mechanical #StrokeRehab #OT #OccupationalTherapy

"...not only great for mobility, but also offers opportunity to play with other children at their level and be able to pick up toys off the floor and play with them."

This electric car is designed by a Hungarian company by the name of Rehab. I think it's a clever idea for wheelchair users to get around. It warms my heart that folks are working on products that make life better for those in need. ~ via Facts You Never Knew ~ Visit us :

Iphone + Keyboard (makes communication so much easier and less likely to get 'auto-correct')

Carrie showed us this one in lab. This device is perfect for those with low vision, fine motor, and grasping difficulties. It is great product for all ages. It is especially useful for older adults due to light and dark adaptation.

Claudia Mitchell is the first woman to have a mechanical-prosthetic arm that is controlled using her mind! Amazing!

GPS built in watch makes it less noticeable, yet helpful for families of patients with Alzheimers.

Keruve Family direct locator

Fruit & Vegetable Holder gives you perfect slices and protects tender fingers from knicks and cuts. Would be great for the elderly, especially those that have arthritis.

This device was developed by an OT who works with veterans with SCI. It assists SCI clients in typing. Fits securely and offers an Unobstructed view of the Key Board Worn on the Ulner side of the hand. Padding Protects the dorsal hand surface.