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for my future lost boy

i've settled on a peter pan theme for a boy's nursery. i love peter pan and i think it is a perfect theme. i want my kids to be imaginative and playful and believe that anything can happen.

85 Pins

Necktie with suspenders onesie. So cute.


Saying goodbye means going away

For those who have kids that love legos - tool box for legos (loving the joseph addai poster above it too)

Mustache on a pacifier. nick will kill me but i will NEED this!

(via thedisneyvault)

cute! love!

want to do something like this with some cool minimalist movie posters

Mickey :)

Road to Neverland

Peter and Wendy

Little man onesie idea-- make different color bow ties and attach with a snap. ADORABLE!!!!!

Never grow up!

Toy Story by Sergio Camalich

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Matt Williams

Hero by Steve Womack ( ...hero is an AMAZING movie, it's where i learned that it's worth reading the subtitles sometimes

Minimal Movie Posters

WALL-E by disenchantedwonderland anonymous’ request

Home Alone by Daniel Keane

Walt Disney's The Jungle Book by Sam Novak of disney's BEST adventure movies

Wendy Darling by Sam Novak ...yes its a girl in the poster, but she's from peter pan

Peter Pan by Sam Novak ...O.M.G! this is my color palette for a boy's room. this is fantastic!

Harry Potter Collection by Brian Belanger ...some serious love for this collection