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FREE: This applesauce tasting activity can be used with K-2nd grade. There are pieces to complete chart,data analysis, and adjective think map. Have an a...

Cycle/Sequence/Poem of eating an apple to it growing into a tree

The Adventures of a First Grade Teacher

Primary Possibilities: Fabulous Fall Freebie!

Primary Possibilities: Fabulous Fall Freebie!

Johnny Appleseed Pot Hats: Cut 4 inch wide strips from gray or black construction paper (12x18 inch or large construction paper is best). Fit the strips around each of your children's head to make a band and staple. Add a smaller strip of paper to the band as the "handle" of the pot. Remember to put the handle at the bottom of the hat so it looks like the "pot" is upside down on the head. As an extra option, have your children color a small apple and write their name as "_____ Appleseed"

Mini Paper Plate Apples

Easy Apple Craft

Life in First Grade: Johnny Appleseed week and a few Halloween things..

Johnny Appleseed and Fun with Apples by First Grade Schoolhouse. For FIRST GRADE. Includes writing and sharing activities about apples and Johnny Appleseed. Writing lists, Johnny Appleseed Web, main idea/details graphic organizer, letter writing, survey, Label Parts of an Apple, Seasons of an Apple Tree Booklet, My Johnny Appleseed Book, and more! $ firstgradeschoolh...