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Cassie Liversidge
Cassie Liversidge
Cassie Liversidge

Cassie Liversidge

Willow - lovely mixed colours cut ready for basket weaving

Tree home ♥

Plan Ahead For Your Winter Vegetable Garden, newest article out today from

Do this simple test to learn to measure how much clay is in your garden soil

How to get 2nd Growth from a cabbage ~ When you harvest a cabbage, make two nicks crosswise on the top of the stump, and within a month or six weeks it will sprout again.

How to save your own bean seed because being able to seed save and grow your own food every year without stores is the ultimate preparedness. Plus drying and storage tips.

Dill is beneficial to cabbages, corn, lettuce, onions, and cucumbers when planted nearby by repelling or distracting aphids, spider mites, squash bugs, and cabbage looper. -Avoid planting dill near carrots or tomatoes.

How to Compost - Magnificent Garden Soil

A Vegetable Growing Guide by #Infographic #Vegetable_Gardening

Lawn Alternatives - Hardy flowers you can walk and play on, awesome!

Tips to maintain a healthy olive crop from our Orchard Manager, Samantha Dorsey

Black Jack Fig - Ficus carica 'Black Jack'. Attractive garden tree has an interesting winter appearance. Especially sweet, elongated purple fruit produced in summer. Semi-dwarf form makes it a good choice where space is limited. Deciduous. 15 ft. tall and wide; can be maintained at 6 ft. tall with an annual pruning. Full Sun

Shade plants…Lamium, Hosta – Lamium is an amazing ground cover that can fill a bed in one or two seasons – pink or purple flowers

Peg Dolls with Cardboard Sea Creatures - Mr Printables

DIY :: Draw with milk on paper, let dry for 30 minutes, and then iron to reveal!

Twine pom poms - cute!

Pom-Pom Branches - easy ideas for entertaining! Great for fall or match colors to the party theme.