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Great Ideas to do

Easy Despicable Me Minion Nails: Supplies : Yellow, black, white and silver ( or glitter! ) Acrylic Paint or Nail Polish and dotting tools, or toothpicks, cotton swabs ( MAYBE cotton swabs. Not very reliable in small projects and crafts involving something like paint or Nail Polish. ), and some clear Nail Polish or one of those shiny sealer paints ( forgot the name ).

No more trying to remember when I took her in to the doctor, when she started the antibiotics, if she had taken it that morning or not, counting on my fingers to see when she could stop taking was all right there on the bottle!  And making those "Xs" every day was very gratifying. I also made a little line with the Sharpie where her dose was supposed to be.  I was sick of squinting and turning that little cup until I ...