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Fukushima NPP Accident

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チェルノブイリから福島へ 未来への答案

... and hardly believe my eyes: prior to the Fukushima accident, you could measure 0.04 microsievert per hour at this place. In Germany, this soil had to be disposed as nuclear waste.

Fukushima - Freier Fotojournalist für Reise- und Umweltthemen

Usuishi (near Iitate): Incredibly high levels of radiation and a high proportion of alpha-emitters indicate that this black dust contains a significant amount of dispersed nuclear fuel - esp. uranium and plutonium.

Iwaki CIty: The mothers can not believe that they will not receive any support from the city in their efforts to protect their children against radiation.

President Masataka Shimizu at the time of the Fukushima NPP accident. He stated, "High level excellence on ethic and social duty is required for TEPCO employee". But he himself does not have the quality at all. 清水正孝元東電社長(福島原発事故当時の社長) 彼は東電社員には「高い倫理観や社会的使命感が求められる」と述べている。彼自身はどうだったのだろうか。

Mr. Tsunehisa Katsumata, the TEP Director-general of the day He said he had no responsibility to the accident.

Explosion of Nuk Power Plant

Fukushima nuclear plant - Two Flyovers shot in high definition

Ruins of No.4(upper) and No.3(lower) Reactor House