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Confessions of a Teaching Junkie: Positive Thinking Thursday

“I got a plan,” Lula said. “The lettuce is bait. I figure if I keep leaving lettuce here KEVIN’s gonna hang around the lettuce, and then I can trap him. ...I’m thinking I could use a big net.” “He’s huge!” “Yeah, I’d need to get up real high and drop it over him. Like from a helicopter. Or you know what would be really good? Spider-Man. You know how he shoots those webs out from his fingers?...” “So all you have to do is get in touch with Spider-Man?” “It’s a shame he don’t live here, right?”

  • Jeannie Gomes

    Loved when Ranger was 'up all night wondering about the giraffe!' Can't wait for the next Plum!!

  • Jamie Wilson

    Loved Kevin! He and Lula were very entertaining.

  • Tricia Zabst

    I love that Lula and Kevin had an understanding. It was so funny!

My Toto look alike!

The Pig Did It by Joseph Caldwell - A pig escapes its pen & roots up the garden of Kitty McCloud, a bestselling novelist who “corrects” the classics. What the little pig unearths is evidence of a possible transgression that the plagiarizing Kitty, her blood-feud rival Kieran & swineherd Lolly are convinced the other has probably benefited from. How this hilarious mystery is resolved inspires both comic eloquence & a theatrically colorful canvas depicting the brooding Irish land & seascape.

Homemade Rice Heat Therapy Bag....nice idea so you can wash bag

Worry about yourself! Hilarious video of a little girl telling it like it is! Quite the independent little girl!