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No-Sew Halloween Spiderweb Cape TUTORIAL - delia creates ~ DIY ~ fleece fabric – about 1 yard for a small child, 1 1/2-2 yards for an adult tailor’s chalk or sidewalk chalk 1 yard of ribbon sharp fabric scissors ruler or measuring tape

No-Sew Halloween Spiderweb Cape TUTORIAL - delia creates

Behavior Chart and Jar - Laminated Construction Paper/Card stock on foam board. Kids decorate their own pins. They also move pins up or down depending on behavior. Each child has a jar, and when the jar is full of marbles or pom poms they get a prize. 1 marble/pompom for each time they get to "Awesome" and 5 marbles/pom poms is they stay on Awesome until the end of the day.

Sun Scholars: Lego Ninjago Costume Tutorial

DIY Train Engineer Costume - Halloween Costume Contest

Couples Halloween Costume.i have 2.5 months to find a man for the most awesome halloween costume everrrrrrr

Kids dressed as SHADOWS for Halloween - their mother bought black morph suits for them then layered black clothes over those. She says, This might be the easiest costume on earth. "And from all of my costumes over the years, this one got the very best reaction."