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Catherine Burd

Catherine Burd

6th grade teacher.

We do this every year in my 8th grade class. The kids enjoy introducing themselves this way since most are so fluent with Facebook/social media.

Little gifts for families that come to "Meet the Teacher" night.

1000 Life Hacks. - This is extremely creepy because I am up late studying and I literally just finished listening to a Hans Zimmer song...guess I'm a born genius

Ticket out the Door I like the idea of having a place for everyone to put their sticky note. Then you can quickly tell who didn't turn it in.

Team Scoot - A New Twist on an Old Favorite - Learn how to engage your students in a cooperative learning variation of the traditional Scoot game using task cards

A "getting to know you game" for a large group of people. Adapt for back to school activity

Editable Chevron Signs for the classroom! All different colors of chevron! Perfect for back to school night or meet the teacher.

homework incentive - Each night 100% of the class does their homework, put up a letter in the homework banner. If the class gets every letter in the banner, the whole class wins a no-homework pass!! But if one person doesn't do their HW? The WHOLE banner comes down!

Vintage Home Love's Spring mantel decor + DIY stenciled wood art {"Summer is...lemonade, long walks, blue skies, warm nights, veggie patches, picnics, family fun, swimming pools, sandy beaches, ice cream"}

Coffee Brownies - If you love coffee and chocolate, this chocolate brownie recipe is perfect for you!

▶ Figurative Language in movies and commercials - YouTube

Formative Assessment Exit Slips - NOW FULLY EDITABLE! Use these 20 Exit Slips to assess understanding or reading comprehension in any class. ($)

Where Are You?… Student Tracking Classroom Management Idea

Create. Cook. Teach.: Free Rewards & PBIS

Create. Cook. Teach.: Free Rewards & PBIS

ELA REFERENCE BOARD: Revising vs. Editing

This summer I am doing this...she takes you step by step organizing your classroom (starts with materials needed to do so... great site)

Blue and White Hydrangea Welcome Wreath With Moss Monogram and Perfect Burlap Bow, for Housewarming or Wedding via Etsy