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Aunt Bettie's Paintings "Bettie Lou Hebert Felder"

This is one of three prints that were sold together!B

One of three prints sold together.B

One of the prints from my Angel series.B

Jessica, my Aunt Bettie Hebert Felder painted this picture of my then 14 year old daughter. She sold over 1 million copies. So special to my heart!

  • Cathie Jo Floyd

    My Aunt said to watch on Ebay that is the best place to find it, it is out of production now.

  • Kathleen Hebert

    I bought that picture at a home interior party

  • Jate Dennis

    We just bought a home with a couple of paintings from her including this one

  • Bruce Childs

    I was fortunate to find this Victorian Lady just this week and added it to my personal collection. . . . Love this Art

  • Bruce Childs

    To Cathy Jo Floyd . . . Can you give us a date as to when this Painting titled ( Victorian Lady ) was actually painted . . ? I purchased a print in excellent condition and have it proudly hanging on my own Living room wall and regard it with high esteem. . . .

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Angels in Our Midst Inspirations of Mother Teresa

  • Kathy Scott

    i have one of her paintings,(Than God' grace)

  • Cathie Jo Floyd

    How neat is that Kathy, she is my Aunt. As beautiful and her paintings.

  • christine waite

    Hi, were the pictures named? I have the one with mother and daughter walking through a cobble stoned garden with hollyhocks

  • Cathie Jo Floyd

    Yes they are. I can ask my Aunt what yours is called. Or you can follow her here in Pinterest, she is above here in the comments, Bettie Felder and ask her yourself!!

  • christine waite

    Thanks, I will...mine is the one with the older daughter...I've never seen the mother and baby in the garden. :) (I'm new here, so I hope I'm doing things right!)

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