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Laced Wedge Boot... I needed these yesterday,

♥ this red wedge by Durby Shoes

Don't hurt yourself with these hot-ass shoes, gurl... Shoes by Jimmy Choo

Horn heel Python pump. This shoe is $1,850.00. Alexander McQueen-you own my soul.

Holy-mother of hotness...

omg, these are freaking rediculous. ♥ ♥

to the store, to the gym, walking the dog..These soes are pretty much appropriate for any occasion.

Something about this shoe makes me want it.

For the day, when once and for all, I become only the one and only... Most expensive hooker.

I want to eat these with a spoon

Did I pin this already? Oh, well ;)

Not typically a sporty-style lover, but someting about these is quite alluring. Probably that they're street walking height.