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Goal Setting & Data Portfolio {Fifth Grade}: This packet will help students start setting academic and behavior goals. Through classroom discussions students are introduced to the concept of SMART goals and learn how to set a realistic goal. Available for grades 2-5.

Goal Setting & Data Portfolio {Fifth Grade}

Leader in Me Data notebooks ideas - Elementary Math Support - 5th SDN Resources

55 Teacher Resources for supporting Leader in Me implementation - thank you Acres Green Elementary! This is worth watching! Great Ideas along with videos

Various ideas, freebies, info on the 7 Habits--Country Heights Elementary Leader in Me

I love the idea for the Sharpen the Saw activity!

Leadership Lanyards {Leader in Me & 7 Habits}

**This kit is designed for use with The Leader in Me Program.** -This Bulletin Board Set is a fabulous way to reinforce positive behavior with you...

Leader in me- Mirror. mirror on the wall. There is a leader in us all.

Leader in Me Bulletin Boards February 28, 2013

Change to Our Leaders Are So Bright and have the teachers wear sunglasses in the pictures for Leader in Me!!!

Display this Leadership Traits poster in your classroom to inspire your students to become leaders!...

Leader in Me Bulletin Boards February 28, 2013

Leader In Me 7 Habits Kit - Bookmarks, Certificates, and G

3rd Grade Thoughts: Experimenting With 7 Habits of Happy Kids

3rd Grade Thoughts: Experimenting With 7 Habits of Happy Kids

Leader in Me School- videos by grade level about data notebooks and other resources

A lesson for kids on lying. This is AMAZING! Totally trying this lesson!

Leader in Me - Oak Grove School: Missouri Buddy Assembly: Sharpen the Saw

Love it-- 10 fun ways to applaud classmates. Ways for the class as a community to celebrate a student's work

Reward your students when you catch them using one of the 7 habits. These can be passed out to individual students or can be posted on a bulletin b...

Great use of 7 habits of Happy kids. i also want to try this for me. Instead of working on multiple behaviors allat once which can be challenging with the younger ones, I like the idea of sticking with one specific behavior goal for the entire week until it's changed.