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Put dog bowls in planters for a nicer look on the patio.

Growing Romaine lettuce from the leftover stumps! Just stick it in water-Gotta try this!

Mason bees don't sting, don't swarm, and don't make honey. But they *do* pollinate plants way better than regular bees. Put up a mason bee house, order some bees, and enjoy your harvest. I think I'll do this next year. Just don't tell my mother.

The story of glass gem corn. Seedsman Greg Schoen got the seed from Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee man, now in his 80's, in Oklahoma. He was Greg's "corn-teacher". Greg was in the process of moving last year and wanted someone else to store and protect some of his seeds. He left samples of several corn varieties, including glass gem. (Seeds Trust)

Grow your own celery from your remains from the store. Just chop of the base and plant. One week of growth shown in photo.