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Carpet Shampoo Solution: 1 Cup Oxiclean* 1 Cup Febreeze* 1 Cup Distilled White Vinegar *the Homemade Versions Work Fabulously! Pour Contents Into Shampooer Tub And Mix With Hot Water To Fill Tub Completely. This Will Not Only Clean Your Carpets It Will Also Deodorize. It Will Smell Slightly Of Vinegar Until The Carpet Is Dry. Be Sure To Test Spot With The Solution Just To Be Safe, However This Should Be Safe For All Carpets.

Detox Scrub, Soften & Soak! Two Ingredients - Countless Benefits!

Homemade Strawberry Bath Soak - A Great Gift Idea for Mother's Day!

Bath Soak Tutorial: Make Your Own Spa-like Bath Product

Ten easy diy gift ideas!!!!!!!!! Cover a flat cookie sheet with cute fabric for an instant magnetic board. This is a perfect gift idea for a coworker or a friend who landed a new job!

Poured Painted Pots/ Moonfrye DIY/ Paint Crafts/ Kids Crafts/ Kids Art Projects

❥ Umbrella frame without the cloth, spray painted white, then draped with a long line of little white christmas lights, and hung out on the porch, charming!

31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again - excellent line-up of products you can DIY, including cleaners, detergents, beauty products, etc. By making only a few of these products, you could seriously reduce your expenses.

Fluster Buster: Vick's VapoRub - WWII Tips and Tricks

How to Make Sweater Mittens Out of an Old Sweater....perfect for Lai's little hands!!

DON 'T YOU Want to do this? Previous pinner said: Used a twin sheet ( that I found for $2.24 clearance) folded long ways. Sewed 5 sections to the size of pillowcases and slipped the pillows in. I left each 'pillow compartment' end open so the pillows can be removed and we can wash the cover. Kids love it on the family room floor! A pair would work even better! Great, too, for sleepovers.

Cute way to make tight t-shirts wearable again. (this is such a good DIY idea)

How to safely make your own bleach gel - make as much as you need! @?? ?? Wall

DIY / Wondering why I havent sewn these into any of my shirts.... This is brilliant.

Personalized scarf.. put a verse or favorite quote on it.. I love that it's kind of illegible to others but you would always know what it said. This would be a cool gift!

How to make wool dryer balls that naturally soften your clothes, combat static cling and cut dry time significantly.

Buy a cheap round mirror and hot glue dowel rods to back of mirror (spray paint rods any color you want)... really like this!

DIY ruffle curtain. You don't have to be good at sewing!!

How to paint your old counters tops