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True Story. You stick up for yourself and/or your family, all of a sudden, your a bitch and become the "black sheep" Oh well...

Sure ill go on a run with you. But only if its to the liquor store. And if we drive there

Golden Retriever Puppy knows his limit.-- this is exactly like my German Shepard puppy

this may be uncomfortable for you to hear but rest assured, he was delicious.

Carpet Alarm Clock - how we'd all turn it off.

Satan's Sacrificial Waterfall. That describes it perfectly.

I'm outdoorsy funny quotes alcohol drinks drunk

Every Single Day, I Try

Funny Taco Bell Tweets. I can't. Hahahahaha what a struggle

Wanting a small tattoo that has lots of meaning to you.

Sherlock and Moriarty did have a rather special connection.... just kidding Sherlock has a love already