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Nice Bicycle pics

Catherine Baba

CATHERINE BABA | Citizen Couture

I think I'm going to go Carrie Bradshaw this spring... Yep. This inspired me.

Love the curls and beret! Anjou-Velo-Vintage-Saumur-France-Bike-Fashion-Bike-Pretty-Photos-Kelly-Miller-0

Bike Pretty - Ride a bike and look pretty.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Eileen Sheridan, broke all 21 of the records of the Women's Road Records Association during the late 1940s and 1950s by large margins. Five have yet to be beaten, including the London-Edinburgh record of 20h 11m 35s, set in 1954. Her 1,000-mile record of 3 days and 1 hour stood for 48 years until it was broken in 2002 by Lynne Taylor.

great photo: Jennifer Aniston

Bike Fashion - Bikie Girl Bloomers, San Francisco CA

Bike Pretty - Ride a bike and look pretty.

On the Street….Via Manzoni, Milan

Pirelli by Lora Lamm.

New piece in partnership with Tokyobike - painted next to Old Street in London. I took inspiration from a picture from the brand’s blog and included one of their stylish bikes in the composition. The girl is standing in this colourful rain. Just waiting. ‘Plic’. ‘Ploc’.

Max Wanger - Tempo da Delicadeza