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Don't Spill the Words - Start with a few sight words and add more as kids progress! (Works well for words from word work too.) Could put rhythms, different notes (add up the beats), or notes on the music staff. Could even put more than one note on the music staff to spell a word. For more pins like this visit:

Great read for parents and teachers to help children learn the value of being respectful by listening and waiting for their turn to speak. The book also teaches children a witty technique to hold on to their thoughts for sharing at an appropriate time. Have fun reading!

Numbered Clothespins on a Hanger. I love this concept! Although this example uses the alphabet, the same idea could allow students with disabilities to practice placing numbers in order. Not only would it strengthen their knowledge of numerical order, but it could simultaneously work on fine motor skills. This is one of the coolest, yet most simple, tricks I've seen in a while!

Scrabble letters to build first words.

Word boxes: If a student doesn't know how to spell a word, they check the card in the box. If it's not there, they bring the card to me, we spell it together, and then the card goes back in its spot when they're done. Promotes independent writers!