"The Cartolina Set features five classic nautical motifs designed by Fiona Richards. Their slightly blue color gives these designs an authentic, porcelain-like look!"

for my new obsession with arm tattoos: temporary tattoos from Tattlys

Etten Eller cotton & brass necklace via Alder & Co.

Sunglasses organization from Everything Fabulous.

White Leather Spring Blossom Necklace With Tiny Blue Flowers by Lemka's B-side. Featured in Sweet Paul Mag Spring 2012. (Love this Etsy seller in general)

statement necklace by Iacoli & McAllister. thinking of ways I could re-create this. will probably require a trip to Home Depot.

Necklace No. Ultra – Sight Unseen

make it yourself.. braided bracelet out of random fabric/rope and old necklaces and chains that will never be worn again.

me likey. vintage style, affordable price.

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