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Ink stripes...I was told that each ring represents a person who had passed that she cared immensely for. It's simple, meaningful, tasteful and beautiful. All the things I love in a tattoo.

Watercolor Forearm Tattoo Design. Really love the anchor with the watercolor behind it! Couples, with different sayings

pocket watch tattoo by Tim Hendricks

couple tattoo lighthouse and ship

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

family crest tattoos for men | Pin Family Tattoos For Men Crest Italian Symbol Pinterest - Vanuax.Com

Always dig Calvin and Hobbes tattoos. By LucasTattoo, São Paulo, Brazil.

This is my favorite tattoo I got it for my son after he was born. It has his name and DOB and is special to me because it was for him. I am a very proud lil momma

A colorful rainbow phoenix tattoo. The combination of colors symbolizes balance

Keep Calm And Get Tattooed :D