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23 Great Makeup tutorials and tips | Style Motivation #Makeup #Beauty

23 Great Makeup tutorials and tips - Style Motivation

DIY Homemade coconut lime foot scrub! Every ingredient serves a purpose to heal and rejuvenate your feet. Free label printable included! Get those feet ready for back to school!

DIY Coconut Lime Foot Scrub - Ma Nouvelle Mode

15 belly blasting "pooch" workout

The (15 Minute) Belly Blasting Workout

RIMMEL - Kate Moss Rosetto #08: Target for $4.99. The color is a lovely shade of pink, and stays put for a full day of wear.

barbiedrugstore: RIMMEL - ROSSETTO KATE MOSS -... |

A detox bath is one of the easiest healing therapies we can do to facilitate our body’s natural detoxification system.

Detox Bath: Why and How

7 day detox drink! 60 ounces for 7 days! -60 ounces of natural spring water -2 Tablespoons of fresh lemon juice- 1 Tablespoon of sugar free cranberry juice- 1 detox teabag that includes dandelion root and licorice root (the key to getting rid of bloat!)

7 Day Detox Drink

Weight Loss Aid/ Cholesterol Reducer 1/2 teaspoon of pure ground cinnamon(Saigon is great) 1 Tablespoon pure honey 1 Cup hot water While water is boiling, in a condiment dish mix honey and cinnamon to a nice paste...Add to hot water...enjoy every morning and before bed!

Weight Loss With Cinnamon & Honey Tea | LIVESTRONG.COM

Bobbi Brown Smokey Warm Eye Palette

The nutrition wars over carbs during the last 10 years have led to some serious confusion about carbohydrates, their effects on our bodies and their place in a balanced diet. Are carbs good for you or bad for you? The real answer is there are good carbs and bad carbs. This infographic helps you to distinguish between the two.

Taking the kids to fairs/parades/amusement parks? Write your phone # on child's hand and cover it in liquid bandage – a temp tattoo that won't come off in water-

DIY Temporary Tattoo For Kid Safety

7 Fantastic Home Remedies To Remove Skin Tags

7 Fantastic Home Remedies To Remove Skin Tags

Soft eyeshadow tones are perfect for weddings. Wear a light neutral tone to define the crease, then finish with a thin winged eye liner and false eye lashes for that perfect bridal look.

Bridal Makeup by Eline F

L-Arginine 500mg- Doctor Oz recommends to curvy women to help with stomach fat, also apparently good for energy and libido

Spring Valley L-Arginine 500mg -

Shea Butter & Vanilla Body Wash - Humblebee & Me

Shea Butter & Vanilla Body Wash - Humblebee & Me

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Nail art to show off your engagement ring.

4 Fun DIY Manicure Ideas that Will Flaunt Your Engagement Ring!