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Large Woven Rattan Nantucket Basket, late 19th/early 20th century

Fair Winds Trading Rwanda Oomva Listen Basket Fruit Bowl 12" by Fair Winds Trading. $40.00. Includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Hand-woven in Rwanda. Naturally dyed sisal coil-sewn over bundled sweetgrass. 12". Artisans receive half the wholesale price for each item sold. At once home decor, fruit bowl and conversation piece, the Oomva basket is hand woven in a cyclical pattern representative of life. Black- and indigo-dyed sisal and sweetgrass enrich any setting ...

Telephone wire baskets

Bamboo basket by National Living Treasure of Japan, FUJINUMA Noboru 藤沼昇(人間国宝)

Africa | Sotho woman and boy with large baskets; Lesotho, South Africa, 1947 | ©Constance Larrabee

made from a 50-foot length of rope that was wrapped with strips of fabric

Pat Jeffers | Earthtones - Large Utility Basket with Sagebush. Hand-dyed and smoked reed and vine rattan, hand-braided fabric, coir, sagebrush

Africa | Basketry Container. Yaka people. DR Congo | First half of 20th century | Natural fibers and imported glass beads | From a colonial Belgian collection | This rare, and visually striking, container is embellished with beautiful colored beads and a narrow beaded strap. The bottom sits on a pedestal that is also covered in beads

Kandy, Sri Lanka, 18th to 19th century | This cane basket called a vel-pettiya with engraved silver mounts is typical of such baskets produced in the Kingdom of Kandy in central Sri Lanka. They were made for members of the Kandyan aristocracy and were used to store jewllery and keepsakes.

Africa | Basketry cover for a Calabash/Gourd from the Wassiba/Haya people of the Kiziba region of Tanzania | ca. late 19th to early 20th century | © Foto: Ethnologisches Museum der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz | pinned at www.africacrafttr...

Elizabeth Hickox (Wiyot/Karuk, 1875–1947) | Lidded baskets; Maidenhair fern, spruce root, hazel shoots, porcupine quills | ca. 1920. California

Lifeline Basket by Gone Rural on display at Habitat's Platform Gallery.