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SXSW book reading from author C.C. Chapman for his new book Amazing Things Will Happen.

Amazing Things Will Happen reading by C.C. Chapman

C.C. Chapman Talks About The Amazing Things That Will Happen

Passion Hits, Three Words and Notebooks: The Secret to Amazing Things

Audiobook - Amazing Things Will Happen offers straightforward advice that can be put into action to improve your life. Through personal anecdotes from the author's life, and interviews of successful individuals across several industries, this book demonstrates how to achieve success, in all aspects of life, through hard work and acts of kindness. Split into five sections, this book details how to begin the self-improvement journey.

Interview with C.C. Chapman on The Career Clinic radio show.

C.C. Chapman on How Amazing Things Will Happen. The Blogcast FM interview.

Video review and post about Amazing Things Will Happen from Justin Levy.

Amazing Things Will Happen book review

CC Chapman Interview - Amazing Things Will Happen

Live Q Chat on The Washington Post site with Michelle Singletary

SiriusXM - Making a Living with Maggie Interviews C.C. Chapman

art of storytelling | LiveDoGrow

The Impact of Amazing Things (A Double Whammy Book Review)

Kerry O'Shea GorgoneMore than encouragement: C.C. inspires by example. Any number of books in the Self-Improvement section could be dismissed as overly general, unduly optimistic cliché compilations: this book isn’t one of those! There’s encouragement, to be sure, but C.C. also injects a healthy dose of realism, courtesy of his own life experiences.

C.C. seems to understand that the greatest problem with self-help books is that they overpromise and often guarantee unrealistic results. This mismanages expectations and leads to disappointment. Amazing Things Will Happen rises above such windbaggery by providing hard-earned, dirt-under-the-fingernails practical lessons and advice

Career Management - Work Hard and Be Amazed: C.C. Chapman on Marketing Smarts [Podcast] : Marketing Podcast

Disruptive ideas don’t always have to be fancy inventions or monumental scientific discoveries. Sometimes, it’s just some healthy common sense provided in a compelling fashion. Delivered to the right person at the right time, it can have a truly disruptive impact.

Intrepid Radio interviews C.C. Chapman about his new book Amazing Things Will Happen.

Scan of the Sunday Boston Globe review of Amazing Things Will Happen.

The Washington Post reviews Amazing Things Will Happen! "As I read Chapman’s book, I thought of Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken.” How do you get on the right road? And when you travel down that path, how do you prevent having regrets for taking a road less traveled?"