ZipGrade: Grade paper tests using your iPhone's camera

ZipGrade Cloud: iPad and iPhone Grading App For Teachers

Use a cover slip when collecting assignments. Grade the assignment, record the grade on the cover slip, then pass the papers back to students. No alphabetizing papers for the grade book.

Fifth in the Middle: Optimum Organization Linky - I'm in Heaven!


Professor Problems…

#TeacherProblems - Post due date on board. Student: "When is this due?"

You can't scare me. I'm a high school teacher!

What You See in Today's Public School Classroom Is A Mirage

What You See in Today's Public School Classroom Is A Mirage

springsteen on education

It's time to re-imagine education.

Have your seniors take then/now portraits with a kindergarten photograph of themselves!

A Venn diagram of critical and creative thinking and a critical thinking wheel - no link to a website.

Powerful graphic on Education vs Incarceration. The first factoid alone is telling of what our priorities really are: we spend three times as much to house a prisoner than we do to educate a student? Graphic from,

START A NEW CLASSROOM TRADITION~ Cute mice play Happy Birthday in this animated video! Even upper intermediate kids love it!

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