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In my whole life, I have known no wise people who didn't read all the time -- none, zero. You'd be amazed at how much Warren reads -- at how much I read. My children laugh at me. They think I'm a book with a couple of legs sticking out. - Charlie Munger

Moneyball is baseball's value investing, baseball's card counting, and baseball's enlightenment.

Author DeMuth passes along retirement investing advice learned from Warren Buffett and explains asset protection and tax minimization strategies.

Here is a vivid and entertaining account of how reckless decisions and a poor handling of money have led to financial explosions over the centuries.

Bueno de Mesquita uses game theory and its insights into human behavior to predict and even engineer political, financial, and personal events.

Theoretical physicist Krauss is not “sympathetic to the conviction that creation requires a creator.”

In a straightforward and accessible manner, The Dhandho Investor lays out the powerful framework of value investing. Written with the intelligent individual investor in mind, this comprehensive guide distills the Dhandho capital allocation framework of the business-savvy Patels from India and presents how they can be applied successfully to the stock market.

Renowned investment advisor Marc Faber sets out to find tomorrow's gold, the outperforming asset classes of the future.

The scientific study of complex systems has transformed a wide range of disciplines in recent years, enabling researchers in both the natural and social sciences to model and predict phenomena as diverse as earthquakes, global warming, demographic patterns, financial crises, and the failure of materials.

The housing market has imploded and the stock market has followed suit, with stock portfolios, retirement accounts, and pension funds cut in half. The U.S. economy is reeling from the real estate meltdown and credit crunch. Not stopping at the border, the storm has broadened to Europe, Asia, and beyond throughout 2008 and into 2009.