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Top 10 Scientific Benefits of Compassion (Infographic) - Emma Seppälä, Ph.D.

Curiosity Finds Large Iron Meteorite on Mars JUL 15, 2014 // BY IAN O'NEILL On Curiosity’s 640th day (or sol) on Mars, as it continued its long drive to the base of Aeolis Mons (a.k.a. Mount Sharp), the robot stumbled across a fairly hefty meteorite. Shown here, the 2-meter-wide iron space rock can be seen embedded in the ruddy regolith. NASA/JPL-CALTECH/LANL/CNES/IRAP/LPGNANTES/CNRS/IAS/MSSS

Curiosity Finds Large Iron Meteorite on Mars : DNews

Electric bacteria use energy in its purest form – naked electricity in the shape of electrons harvested from rocks and metals.

CMOS sensor developed at georgia tech processes 3D images from inside heart and blood vessels

May 7, 2012: The human immune system in action. This colored scanning electron microscope image shows a white blood cell (dyed red) in the act of destroying tuberculosis bacteria (yellow). The bacteria are surrounded by the cell membrane of the scavenger cell, then drawn inside and rendered harmless ideally, forever.

EyePoppers: The best science photos of the week

Everything you need to know about tears. What are #tears made of? Why are they salty? #cry #eyes

Tears: Why We Weep (Infographic)

Streamer chamber photo of a pion-muon-electron (pi-mu-e) decay chain resulting from an antiproton annihilation. The antiproton enters from the bottom of the picture annihilates with a proton in neon gas filling the chamber; their energy materialises as 3 nuclear fragments (thick tracks) several pions (less dense tracks). One positive pion curls tightly to the right in the chamber’s magnetic field before decaying to a muon; the muon forms the spiral at top before decaying to a positron (or...

Iconomancy, retrofutureground: Streamer chamber photo of a...

A tool to help brain surgeons test and more precisely remove cancerous tissue was successfully used during surgery. The mass spectrometry tool sprays a microscopic stream of charged solvent onto the tissue surface to gather information about its molecular makeup and produces a color-coded image that reveals the location, nature and concentration of tumor cells.

Tool helps guide brain cancer surgery

Orgasms aren’t just good for your sexual relationship; they may also promote good communication. Results of a new study reveal that in the aftermath of having experienced an orgasm, people are more likely to share important information with their partners. And, that communication is likely to be positive.

Orgasms and alcohol influence pillow talk

How Big is Rosetta’s Comet?

How Big is Rosetta’s Comet?

"The Lone Ranger"- Kupffer cell (specialized macrophage, green) patrolling the tiny vessels in the liver called sinusoids, where they recycle old red blood cells and ingest pathogens. The endothelium (reddish pink) of these vessels has large holes, allowing the Kupffer cells to migrate into the liver tissue at sites of damage and inflammation.

Nearby Super-Earth is Best Habitable Candidate So Far, Astronomers Say

If This Doesn’t Blow Your Mind, Nothing Will

If This Doesn’t Blow Your Mind, Nothing Will

If the icy surface of Pluto's giant moon Charon is cracked, analysis of the fractures could reveal if its interior was warm, perhaps warm en...

The Sun Fires Off a Third X-Class Flare

The Sun Fires Off a Third X-Class Flare

human intestinal flora

Победители конкурса микрофотографии FEI 2012

No, it's not Photoshop. This volcano in Ethiopia burns blue as a result of escaping sulphuric gases., Image: Olivier Grunewald

This deadly volcano burns blue…and it’s beautiful (Science Alert)