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Our client, Douglas Sheahan, president of ICCF Wealth Management, was quoted in a recent article on Tyson Foods’ recent $6.3 billion bid for Hillshire Brands.

Food companies to keep gobbling up rivals

Check out what I AM Enlightened Creations said regarding the many benefits aromatherapy has to offer in May's @Women's Health Magazine Health issue!

@UB Super - The lucky-to-be-alive #Wilmington entrepreneur behind an 'extreme super food' - Triangle Business Journal

In case you didn't catch the story on ABC15 Arizona, @SooFoo was featured by Michelle Dudash, RD in a healthy kitchen favorites segment.

CF News 13 Epcot's top 3 drinks for National Margarita Day at La Cava del Tequila | Walt Disney World

Are you struggling to determine whether or not Botox and fillers are the solution to your skin-care woes? Take a look at our latest blog that discusses this very topic to see if now's the right timing for you!

Curious about 'Lunchtime Procedures'? Dr. Armando Soto appeared on Fox 35's Good Day Orlando to discuss this new trend.

Looking for a delicious recipe for great skin? Dark chocolate is your answer! Bridget of Aesthetic Enhancements shares the ways this rich treat can be your mini makeover.

Have you noticed more men with smooth foreheads? A new trend, 'Brotox' has spiked a 22% increase in male cosmetic procedures. Aesthetic Enhancements discusses this trend on Fox 35 Good Day Orlando.

Do you think extreme workouts are the best way to burn fat? Think again. Check out my latest piece for SheKnows.

Look beyond romantic love this Valentine's Day with my latest piece for PattiKnows. Celebrate all of the positive relationships in your life.

Is a Gluten-Free diet right for everyone? Find out the pros and cons in my latest piece.

Carol Cottrill, CNC's Area Author Affair at The Wilton Library.

My friend Allyson Spellman told me how she went from struggling with her weight and self-worth to finding total body freedom. She has a new program that will get to the root cause of your weight battle once and for all. Part of her program includes an exclusive interview with me regarding my French approach to eating.

Ever wonder why you love chocolate and he loves bacon? Check out my latest piece for

It's always a pleasure to work with like-minded driven women like @Lisa Phillips-Barton Corrado Nutrition ~ Check out my interview with Lisa here.

Ever wonder what to order when fast food's the only option? In my piece for, I'll teach you how to order good fast food.

How to order good fast food