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Because I hate dragging out the ironing board- Magnetic Ironing Mat, turns your washer/dryer into an ironing board, then folds up after. Space saving item! $9.99 on Amazon. COOL!

"Bookstore" scented soy candle for book lovers. Other scents available include Dumbledore's Office, Pemberley Rose, and Sherlock's Study.

bucket table for the deck. this is a genius idea. you can store all the stuff in the table that you don't want to leave out in case it rains (citronella candles, pillows, etc.), then just grab it out whenever.

plug these into an outlet and they'll pick up the signal from your ipod ... play music throughout the house

Olloclip -- 3-in-1 fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lense for your iphone

This company will craft a real toy from a child's drawing. Absolutely AMAZING!!

  • Renée Booksh

    I am inspired to do this myself for a certain imaginative girl...thanks! :)

I WANT ONE! Go from wet to beautifully styled hair faster than ever! Super absorbent microfiber bristles remove 30% of water as you style. It's like a towel and a brush in one.

Chalkboard contact paper. No need to paint things now. Just slap some of this on there and it's a chalkboard. This is awesome!

Glowing nightlight lamp with removable glow balls for trips to the bathroom, really cool! So cute

Wireless speakers/lights that screw into any light socket and streams your iPod/Pad/Phone music. Awesome.

Hook boxes. Brilliant for one living with many men with many pockets to empty.

SHARK FIN ICE CUBE boys would freak.

Balloon topiary

The Box of 100 Crayola Crayons with Built In Sharpener!

Website where students can upload photos of themselves and fill it with words about themselves and their interests! Pre-Writting Ideas